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    TreatmentsEndovenous Laser Therapy

Dr. Vikram Puttaswamy

MeetDr. Vikram Puttaswamy

Dr Vikram Puttaswamy is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon who specialises in major and complex endovascular and vascular surgical procedures. He trained at Royal North Shore, Royal Melbourne and Westmead hospitals and has been practicing as a Vascular Surgeon since 2005 in the public and private sector.

Dr. Vikram Puttaswamy
Dr. Puttaswamy in the News

North Shore Private Hospital

  • Mater Hospital st Vincents
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Healthscope Hospitals
  • http://www.healthscopehospitals.com.au/
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital